How to have a Successful Fundraiser

Follow these simple rules and your fundraiser will be both Delicious AND Profitable!

KEEP YOUR CAMPAIGN SHORT AND FOCUSED -It may be hard to believe, but many fundraisers are not as successful as they could be because they are too long and covered too much time. We've discovered with the groups we work with that two weeks is the ideal time for a fundraiser; you launch on day 14 and then have the event 14 days later while prompting your community number of times during that focused time period.

ADVERTISE YOUR FUNDRAISER WIDELY -The more ways people can find out about your fundraiser the better! Below are a list of the best ways to promote your fundraiser:

  • Send out an display Qcrew flyers with the QR code that people can scan to go right to your fundraising page
  • Send your unique fundraising link out in emails to your community
  • Have the fundraiser announced publicly on school announcements etc.
  • Use the QR and link code on your group's website and in newsletters
  • Post on Facebook and Instagram using our Prepared Posts
  • Post on community group chats with the QR code and link (i.e. "Parents of ----Town" Chat Group--every town has one!) 

INVITE PARTICIPATION BEYOND YOUR IMMEDIATE COMMUNITY - As long as they are near enough to be able to pick up their food on your event date, you can promote your fundraiser to anyone in the community. Here are some ideas: :

  • Relatives of community members (grandparents, cousins, etc)
  • Other groups and businesses and services that interact with your community
  • Other local community groups and religious organizations